Tenants in a giant co-living Bay Area palace are looking for new roommates

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A tenant at a co-living residence in Woodside, Calif., is seeking three new renters to join their palatial home.

A tenant at a co-living residence in Woodside, Calif., is seeking…

A group of self-governing, co-living tenants residing in a 17,000-square-foot grand mansion on the San Francisco Peninsula are looking for some new roommates.

A tenant at the unique living situation in Woodside, Calif., is seeking three new renters to join their sprawling palatial home, and started the search on Facebook Wednesday.

“We all enjoy developing quality relationships and maintaining a sense of community. We’re all open minded, educated, conscientious, and responsible professionals who work hard and like to enjoy ourselves on our time off. We are a diverse group of technologists, financiers, entrepreneurs, doctors, engineers, nurses, musicians, etc.,” the post read on “San Francisco Housing, Rooms, Apartments, Sublets,” a public group on Facebook with 115,000 members.

The post was widely shared on the social media platform by those interested in joining the co-living community and those just wanting to take a peek at the opulent mansion.

Interested applicants are encouraged to “FB Message a short bio about yourself and a summary explaining why you’d be a good fit for this type of coliving arrangement. Please include details about your background, lifestyle, and interests.”

Monthly rental rates for the three available rooms range from $1,400 to $1,900.

As more and more San Franciscans look to move out of small high-rent living quarters in the city to more spatial homes, communal living seems like a counter-intuitive solution, but this is no normal co-living space.

“There is ample space to seclude and isolate if you need alone time,” the post states.

The mansion in San Mateo County was designed to replicate Hampton Court, the English country residence of King Henry VIII. It was built in early 1934 for a wealthy San Francisco financier and the palace was known as “Camelot” by early owners.

A real estate listing for the mansion in 2011 described details such as “outstanding woodwork, towering ceilings with elaborate detail, and leaded glass on almost every window in the home are just a sampling of the extraordinary Tudor-inspired craftsmanship.”

While a sprawling building, its numerous bedrooms and 2.8 acres of grounds may provide space to isolate amid the pandemic, the tenant is apparently looking for renters who will socialize with others for “outings such as hikes, trips to the beach, kayaking, stand up peddle boarding, and cycling.”

“There are no social obligations, but we prefer those who wish to cultivate a community with others,” the post states.

The posting has since been deleted.

Andrew Chamings is an editor at SFGATE. Email: Andrew.Chamings@sfgate.com | Twitter: @AndrewChamings

Article source: https://www.sfgate.com/living-in-sf/article/Bay-Area-co-living-palace-tenants-Woodside-15464690.php

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