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SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — Despite the pandemic and a struggling economy, the Bay Area real estate market is red hot, especially in the East Bay.

The competition prompted the Dugan family of San Francisco to take a novel approach, introducing his young family to prospective sellers in Lafayette, via U.S. Mail.

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“We thought taking a more personal approach would probably help,” said Steve Dugan. “There really wasn’t a lot currently on the market in that area and so we thought we might be able to unlock maybe some inventory that wasn’t coming out as quickly as it might’ve otherwise because of the COVID epidemic.”

“We had identified what neighborhoods they wanted to be in,” said the Dugans’ agent Ben Olsen, with Lafayette’s Vanguard Properties.

Olsen said the holiday-style card targeted to about 500-600 addresses in two Lafayette neighborhoods.

“I think there’s definitely more land out there and potential for really good schools, especially in the higher grades,” explained Tyee Dugan. “It just seems like simpler, easier living.”

The youngest Dugans are particularly interested in weather and outdoor activities. “Because I like the trails there and I like to bike ride,” said Audrey Dugan.

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“The weather his hotter there and in San Francisco, the weather is good but usually I’m kind of cool,” added Camille Dugan.
Ultimately, the goal of the mailer is to attract a seller that has yet to put their home on the market.

“Let them know we have an easy process for them and a ready buyer,” said Olsen, “and so we can take away the fear about having too many people in the house, or the process of staging and painting all that kind of stuff, and offer them a simple sale.”

While the Dugans are busy following up on leads already generated by their postcard, they also have a message for any other prospective sellers.

“If you want somebody to move into your house that will love your house and community as much as you do, we’ll be that family,” said Steve Dugan.

“And you can visit anytime, post-COVID,” added Tyee Dugan.

Anyone interested in selling their Lafayette home to the Dugans can contact Ben Olsen with Vanguard Properties at (925) 381-2151.

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