Buyers of S.F. House Shrug Off Previous Owner’s Decapitation Inside

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) — It’s one of few single family homes on the market in San Francisco’s SoMa District.

A top-selling realtor tells KPIX that, if you don’t mind the gruesome murder that happened there, the $1.5 million asking price is a steal.

“Three thousand six hundred square feet of land for $1.5 million almost seems like a bargain to me,” said David Ayerdi, a realtor with McGuire Real Estate.

The listing is for two lots on Santa Clara street — the house and a vacant lot next to it. Realtor Ayerdi is not involved in the listing but he believes most potential buyers are looking to tear it down to build condos on the lots. Ayerdi said those investors don’t care about the history.

This past August, police found homeowner Brian Egg’s headless body in a fish tank here. Detectives arrested a man but later released him saying there was not enough evidence to file charges.

Wilma Parker, who is a longtime friend and neighbor of Egg, told KPIX “As far as I know, Brian never had a fish tank. I think that fish tank was brought in.” Parker said Egg’s siblings recently decided recently sell the house because, after the murder, people didn’t want to live there.

Other neighbors agree.

“I’d be scared to sleep alone and be in that house any day,” said Clare Engel.

Realtor Ayerdi did some research and found out offers for the property came in very fast. “After two weeks of marketing, they set an offer date. So it went pretty quickly,” he said.

The listing agent told KPIX that, because he signed a confidentially agreement, he cannot reveal how many offers he received or what the pending price is.

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