San Francisco 49ers: Don’t Believe the Hype, Top 5 Lockout-Induced Fabrications

Last but not least, the greatest comeback in the history of the NFL is reportedly taking place in San Francisco. 

This overhyped story takes the cake.

I know California is the capital of medical marijuana, but the memory issues in the Bay Area are beyond explanation now.

Alex Smith has played horribly. Regardless of the excuses and besides a couple bright moments, Alex Smith has been awful for six years.

Let’s put this in perspective.

I am a Real Estate guy. If you asked me to sell your home, and I failed, not once, not twice, but six freaking times, would you ask me to return for a seventh?

No you would not. You wouldn’t even ask me back for a second time. 

Would it matter to you if I had a bunch of excuses? No. 

The bottom line is, you want your house sold. 

Well, the 49ers want to win games. And they want a quarterback that will help them do that. 

I will admit Alex is doing great as a fill-in coach. I would love for him to play five to seven more years on the 49ers as a backup.

I think he would be the top No. 2 in the league and very helpful for Colin Kaepernick, or whoever for that matter. But make no mistake, Alex Smith is not going to transform into Joe Montana or Steve Young or even Jeff Garcia. He is going to be Alex Smith.

So please, just stop it. 

This is Ryan The Broker, signing off for, “Wake Up San Francisco!”


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