‘I’m finally leaving’: Stories of Bay Area residents moving because of the pandemic

SF – Portland, OR

“This decision has been years in the making, but we did not have the opportunity to leave until my husband recently accepted a new job where he can work remotely. We just bought a house and are moving to Portland on July 1st. We wanted to buy a house that we would be happy to live in for decades, and that’s just not possible in the Bay Area, within our budget, even as well-paid professionals. We have a 5-year old and hope to have another kid in the next year and so things like space and a yard were really important. And we wanted a more family-friendly city, and Portland really takes the cake for that. We just bought a house and are moving July 1st. It’s bittersweet but we are also relieved. That said, I will severely miss beaches and all the incredible nature California has to offer. Not that Oregon is lacking in this department, but California whets many different appetites. Oh, and I’ll miss the weather.” — Samantha DuPont, 36

Article source: https://www.sfgate.com/sf-locals/slideshow/I-m-finally-leaving-Stories-of-Bay-Area-203670.php

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