Are you moving out of the Bay Area for good?

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When the Bay Area issued a shelter-in-place order in March due to the coronavirus pandemic, many residents were forced to hole up in tiny apartments, most not designed for spending every waking moment at home.

As companies like Twitter, Facebook and Square announced permanent work from home changes, some are undoubtedly wondering if it’s time to flee for good. An anonymous survey of 4,400 tech workers, conducted by Blind, found that two-thirds of employees would consider leaving the Bay Area if they had the option to work remotely, as reported by Business Insider.

Furthermore, San Francisco saw its biggest dip in rental prices in three years with a 9.2% decline in May. Meanwhile, demand for homebuying in places like Marin, Napa and Carmel has been soaring, real estate agents recently told Bloomberg, while contracts in San Francisco and Alameda County were well below where they were in 2019. The Lake Tahoe area has also seen a surge in interest. If these figures are any indication, at the very least people are seeking out a bit more space.

“There’s a mad rush to get out of the city,” Ginger Martin, a real estate agent with Sotheby’s who concentrates on the high end of the market, told Bloomberg.

But is this “mad rush” temporary? Or are people really leaving the Bay Area for good? We want to hear from you!

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Tessa McLean is a digital editor with SFGATE. Email her at or follow her on Twitter @mcleantessa.

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