Could the Bay Area Emerge Stronger After COVID-19? – The Bold Italic

In effect, the entire tech industry is forced into a massive experiment at once.

Today, even the Bay Area’s legendary traffic, now (normally) the second-worst in the nation behind only car-obsessed Los Angeles. Bay Area drivers waste 3.3 billion gallons of fuel every year while waiting in traffic delays. A recent rush hour drive from the East Bay into San Francisco for an essential doctor’s appointment — which normally takes me two hours from San Ramon — was showing as one hour and seven minutes on Google Maps.

Even disasters can breed lasting, powerful changes. That is especially true for the Bay Area.

Beyond these concrete changes, we’ve seen the Bay Area change in recent weeks when it comes to a sense of community, shared purpose, and connection among many of our residents. Deserved or not, the Bay Area has a reputation for workaholic citizens who rarely take the time to engage with their local communities or neighbors. In normal times, my Nextdoor feed is a mix of complaints about the actions of local drivers and vaguely racist messages.

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