Bay Area megaprojects: Where 13 major housing developments stand

The redevelopment of Treasure Island and neighboring Yerba Buena Island is approved for a new San Francisco neighborhood of up to 8,000 homes, 300 acres of parks, three hotels, restaurants, shops and entertainment venues. About 2,100 homes will be affordable. A new ferry terminal will offer 45 trips a day to San Francisco’s Ferry Building.

Heavy infastructure work is under way but much remains to be done. Dirt has been brought in to protect the island against storm surges and sea level rise. New water, sewer and power systems will be built.

Another challenge is that for decades, concerns have been raised about radioactive and chemical contamination left behind by military operations. The Navy, city and state agencies have said the island poses no safety issues for residents, and, according to the site’s developer, the cleanup has made “significant progress” under state oversight “to ensure the island is safe for development.” But since 2008, almost 1,300 radioactive objects have been found and removed from the island, some as recently as last fall, cleanup records show.

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