How to get the most out of your San Francisco Chronicle subscription

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We’re working hard to make improvements to our print and digital products every day. In case you’ve missed it, there are lots of ways to get more out of your subscription. Here are eight ways to enjoy The Chronicle every day:

Unlimited Digital Access on

As a subscriber, you can log yourself in to for access to all of our journalism. Print subscribers can get digital access at no extra cost. Online, we publish a number of articles online-only each day. Here’s a taste of what you get online:

• Coverage on City Hall, the tech industry, real estate, local sports teams and much more.

• Investigative reporting like our series on the toxic shipyard in Hunters Point and the rising cost of jailing juveniles in California.

• Become an expert with guides on everything from Bay Area hikes to each election’s ballot initiatives.

• Access to our 150-plus-year archive of articles and photos.

• Our Datebook section, led by our critics, features a curated events calendar to help plan your nights and weekends.

• Track the latest car break-ins, earthquakes, fires and more across the Bay Area.

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Chronicle editors pull together the best of our coverage and deliver it to your inbox. Here are our newsletter options:

Bay Briefing: The Bay Area’s best journalism, written by our newsletter editor, Taylor Kate Brown, and delivered to your inbox each weekday morning.

Morning Fix: All of our top stories each morning, plus the e-edition.

Sporting Green: Daily coverage from The Chronicle’s Sporting Green beat reporters, plus columnists like Ann Killion.

Political Punch: Politics from a Golden State perspective, with stories published first in the newsletter.

Tech Chronicle: Irreverent analysis from our business editor, with the top local business stories twice a week.

Chronicle Food: Insights on Northern California’s culinary scene.

Datebook: Your guide to arts and entertainment in the Bay Area, delivered weekly.

Bite Curious: Follow restaurant critic Soleil Ho as she dines around the Bay Area.

Opinion Central: Hard-hitting views from The Chronicle Editorial Board.

Chronicle Vault: Dig into our archive of more than 150 years of S.F. stories.

Drinking with Esther: Sip, savor and share with our wine critic, Esther Mobley.

The Press: The expert guide to visiting Wine Country.

Weekend Reads: Our best stories of the week, published Sundays.

Travel: Destinations, new and familiar, from Bay Area experts.

• Inside Fifth Mission: Get an inside look in the newsroom; for subscribers only.

Attend Member Events Enjoy Member Discounts

 How to get the most out of your San Francisco Chronicle subscription

Do more in the Bay Area. We can open the door to incredible experiences:

• We host member events at discounted prices, from a Warriors Night to an Oscars analysis party, right in the heart of downtown at our Chronicle offices.

• VIP access to the best museums, sporting events, concerts, festivals, food and wine events, lectures, tours and more.

• Locals-only member discount offers.

• Newsroom tours with our editor-in-chief. Experience our morning news meeting.

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• Get unlimited access to read, watch and listen on the go with our app on your iPhone or Android.

• Want breaking news but not sports? Food updates but not special reports? We’ll alert you to important breaking news through push notifications tailored to you.

 How to get the most out of your San Francisco Chronicle subscription

Listen to Our Stories

Our newsroom wants you to be able to listen to our stories, wherever your are and whenever you want. Here’s our audio lineup:

Fifth Mission: Dive inside the biggest Bay Area stories of the day with our editor-in-chief and metro editor.

Not Your Century: A daily celebration of the news — and the news media — of years gone by. From front-page stories to colorful tales from the back pages.

The Big Event: A Bay Area-centric pop culture podcast featuring celebrity guests, non-celebrity guests, lots of personalities from The Chronicle and spirited discussion about local nostalgia.

• Chronicle Headlines: Give us two minutes and we’ll bring need-to-know Bay Area news to your home devices.

A’s Plus: Beat writer Susan Slusser interviews past and present players, managers and executives of the trend-setting franchise.

Giants Splash: Beat writer Henry Schulman interviews Giants players, managers and executives and delivers in-depth analysis.

Warriors Off Court: Beat writer Connor Letourneau discusses the world’s most-watched basketball team. The show covers the back-to-back champions through a mix of commentary and interviews with key players and members of the organization.

It’s All Political: Joe Garofoli talks current events, upcoming elections and, occasionally, sports rivalries with guests from the local, state and national political arenas.

San Francisco City Insider: From the back rooms of City Hall to the crowded and chaotic streets of downtown, the San Francisco City Insider podcast is there.

Wild West: A window into the movers and shakers of the natural places where we love to play.

Datebook: A Bay Area entertainment podcast created by the San Francisco Chronicle Datebook team.

Quiz Yourself

How much do you know about the news? Find out with our quizzes. Test your current events knowledge with the weekly news quiz, or check out our Chronicle trivia challenges on different topics like Bay Area culture, sports quizzes and elections quizzes.

 How to get the most out of your San Francisco Chronicle subscription

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