Reali app lets home buyers skip the real estate agent

cf7db Reali mobile app via Vimeo medium Reali app lets home buyers skip the real estate agentTechnology has taken the reigns of many positions once held exclusively by humans. From self-checkout lanes to automated phone operators, tech-driven interactions are becoming commonplace.

Works with your schedule

To start, buyers submit their mortgage pre-approval paperwork on the app. After documents have been verified and approved by a Reali employee, users can get started sifting through available houses.

If a particular house piques your interest, you can schedule an “on-demand open house.” And rather than being met at the front door by a real estate agent, you’ll have the ability to unlock the door yourself.

Bluetooth beacons

Flat fee

Reali charges a flat $2,950 administrative fee. At close of escrow, 2.5% of the selling price gets returned to the buyer as cash back. On a $1.7 million property, the company estimates that buyers would get back around $40,000.

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