Family of missing Alameda man John Beck believes man in photo is him – KGO

The latest clue in the disappearance of John Beck, who owes millions of dollars to the federal government, has brought friends and family to Lands End in San Francisco.

They believe he was here-because of this picture they found on Instagram.

The photographer was taking a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge and captured a man in his shot. Beck’s daughter believes it is her father. She says she recognizes everything about him-down to his posture.

“The Instagram photo was huge I got chills up and down. I said that’s my dad,” said Laura Beck.

The picture was taken on Tuesday, the day Beck family says he disappeared. It gives them a place to look, so Monday morning, a few friends showed up to help Laura and her husband hand out fliers and ask people if they have seen him.

“It’s been overwhelming the support we have gotten from our friends. They have been amazing,” shared Jonas Madden-Connor, Laura’s husband.

Some may have heard John Beck’s name from the infomercials about his real estate company, a company that turned out to be a get-rich-quick real estate scam.

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Beck made millions from these properties and has been ordered to pay the U.S. government $113 million dollars.
Beck has appealed the case.

“Yes, it is a factor, an obvious thing in his life, but he had so much more, so many positive things about him and people who love him,” said Laura.

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