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The Felton Estate, sometimes called the “Flying Saucer House” because it has no corners, is now available on the market for $21 million.

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According to Market Watch, Robert Felton, a technology entrepreneur, got the idea of building a “corner-less” house from Frank Lloyd Wright’s home in the Stanford University campus. Just like Felton’s house, Wright’s home called the “Hanna House” includes not a single right angle.

About 15 miles from San Francisco, the 14,000-square feet property sits in a 20-plus-acre area in Berkeley Hills. The house, built between 1996 and 1999, is now on sale for 21$ million beating the $18 million listing as the most expensive home in San Francisco. Hypothetically, the monthly mortgage payment of the property is $77,000, if the down payment is assumed to be 4%, i.e $4 million. The future owner will pay real estate taxes worth $21,000 monthly.

The Felton Estate contains a 2,000-square foot living room, four bedrooms, five full bathrooms, six half-baths, and seven fireplaces. A 60-ft lap pool, a sauna and a hot tub overlooking the whole Bay Area are also present. The kitchen has a 250-gallon saltwater fish tank. A spiral staircase leads down to a wine cellar and tasting room containing 2,500 bottles.

The house is amazingly powered by solar energy saving approximately $2,500 of monthly electric bills. The solar panels were installed in 2006. The decorations inside were also designed for safety features. Those safety designs like the metal roof are connected to the stucco walls, together with the Mediterranean landscaping.

Instead of tall trees, the surroundings are planted with vineyards, scrub and brush. This setup allows the Felton Estate to have a complete view of the San Francisco Bay Area capturing the Golden Gate Bridge, Silicon Valley, the Farallon Islands and Napa.

The 3,000-square feet foot garage and the pool are the only places having a corner, reported Aol. The large carport can fit up to 16 cars. 

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