PocketList Provides Unprecedented Access to Unlisted San Francisco Bay Area …

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Private real estate marketplace PocketList
has released its mobile app, giving San Francisco Bay Area homebuyers
unprecedented access to non-publicly available properties for sale.
Buyers can download the free app for iOS
and Android,
complete a simple verification process, and gain access to pre-MLS and
off-MLS homes that match their budget and desired locations.

Before PocketList, most buyers didn’t have access to the increasing
number of homes being marketed and sold outside of the MLS. These
properties, which currently make up an estimated 20 percent of all Bay
Area home sales, have traditionally been marketed through word-of-mouth
and exclusive agent networks. If buyers didn’t have the right agent or
were not part of the right circle, they missed out. PocketList is
changing that by granting access to all buyers who show a pre-approval
letter or proof of funds.

“We believe that qualified buyers should have access to every home for
sale, not just the ones that are publicly listed,” said Tom MacLeod, CEO
and co-founder of PocketList. “When I was looking to buy last year, I
was surprised to learn how many homes are sold outside of the MLS. We
founded PocketList to give consumers complete access to information when
making the biggest purchase of their lives.”

While PocketList does not take part in the real estate transaction, they
help users navigate the buying process and offer introductions to agents
and mortgage lenders. “Purchasing a home is stressful, and we act as a
concierge to make the process easier for our buyers and connect them
with the right people,” said MacLeod. “If buyers have questions or need
help, they just send us a note through in-app messaging. It’s
streamlined and efficient.”

About PocketList

PocketList is the Bay Area’s private marketplace for real estate,
connecting pre-approved buyers with agents who have pre-MLS and off-MLS
properties. Founded in 2015, the company is headquartered in San
Francisco with a satellite office in Boston.

Article source: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20151105005124/en/PocketList-Unprecedented-Access-Unlisted-San-Francisco-Bay

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