Apple Expands Into San Francisco With New Office Building Lease

Frankly I seriously doubt that there’s many Apple employees that actually live in one of the most expensive, small, heavily crowded, major metro cities in all of the USA. Once a resident myself, right out of college, I enjoyed SF prior to the high tech invasion which drove the already high prices to astronomical highs that are causing major issues today.

With it’s astronomical real estate prices for eighty to one hundred year old homes, the few people I know that grew up in SF, fled (like I did) to the peninsula as adults where for the same amount or less they could have three times the square footage, a far newer if not brand new home with ample parking, and still have the high end image.

It will be interesting if Apple keeps it’s operations there secret, or mentions just what departments they have moved there. I’d venture a guess if they comment it will be one of their carefully crafted statements just to get the press off their back. In many ways it’s a surprise that they failed to do this before the ultra staggering lease factors hit.

You doubt it ? LOL what ?? You are very misinformed I have to say. I know quite a few people who live in San Francisco and commute down to Mountain View or Cupertino. Most of the big companies have a presence inside the city for those who prefer city living.

City living isn’t about how much space you have. Sure, I could move out of the city and get an entire house instead of 1 BR apartment. But, I wouldn’t be able to just walk to work or walk out my door to thousands of events.

Parking isn’t an issue when you live in a city. I don’t own a car, and only know 1 person who does. This is why companies like Google and Apple provide shuttles.

Yes, it’s absurdly expensive here. But San Francisco has the best tech jobs in the country. I could make a few phone calls and have dozens of offers in a few days. It’s a very strong employee market. Don’t believe me ? Try to hire a dev in San Francisco and see not only how hard it is, but how high their pay requirements are.

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