Bay Area Top Agents Speak Out About Million Dollar Listing SF

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 6, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — While television audiences are sensationalized by the television series Million Dollar Listing San Francisco, premiering this summer on BRAVO, a different audience–the true top real estate agents in the area–are not so entertained.

“The dramatizations of real estate transactions you see on TV oversimplify what it takes to buy, sell and renovate. The show portrays agents throwing lavish parties, being rude to each other and making deals happen on the spot,” says Radhi Ahern of AHERN + KALMBACH at Pacific Union International in San Francisco. “This is simply not how real estate or truly successful agents operate.”

Pam Dubier of Coldwell Banker in San Francisco agrees. “I wish that the show would better convey how agents work together on behalf of clients.”

The rude behavior exhibited by the show’s cast strikes true top agents as particularly offensive.

“You cannot afford to be rude to agents,” says Debbie Wilhelm of Coldwell Banker in San Mateo. “Even if I do not like an agent, I am always nice, polite and professional, because that agent might wind up representing my next clients’ dream home.”

Agent-to-Agent Networking Critical

Unlike other businesses, real estate requires fierce competitors to cooperate with each other to be successful. Experienced agents have always loosely networked with each other about valuable real estate information not available on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). They discuss upcoming and private listings, buyer needs, service provider recommendations, industry issues and more.

This networking with other agents is crucial in staying ahead of the market and serving clients. “My clients will get the very earliest information from me,” says Butch Haze at Sotheby’s in San Francisco, “because I’m networking all the time, mostly on Top Agent Network. All the key players are on it. It’s where the real business gets done.”

Top Agent Network – the Professional Communication System for True Top Agents

Mr. Haze, Mss. Ahern, Dubier and Wilhelm are all members of Top Agent Network (TAN), a private network that gives verified top 10% producing agents an efficient way to exchange valuable, exclusive and critical business information with their local peers. They are among 1900 members in TAN chapters around the Bay Area, and 5800 members in TAN’s 30 chapters nationwide. In total, TAN members sell $75 billion worth of homes per year and represent 800,000 affluent homebuyers, sellers and owners. In San Francisco, more than 40% of homes sold are listed on TAN prior to, or instead of, the MLS.

How TAN’s “Top 10%” Helps Consumers

TAN qualifies its members based on verified home sales in the agent’s chapter area. In any given market, the top 10% agents typically make 90% of the home sales. By exchanging off-MLS information on TAN, members are effectively reaching 90% of the true homebuyers and sellers.

The fact that TAN gathers the proven best real estate professionals in one virtual room presents tremendous benefits to consumers. TAN’s information exchange is trusted and authoritative. The buyers tend to be highly qualified. Sellers expose their listings broadly, yet with far more focus, professionalism and privacy.

“True top agents are entrenched in their community and have reputations they’ve worked their whole career to establish,” says TAN Founder/CEO David Faudman. “They just won’t risk that on the antics seen on TV. Their clients always come first.”

For more information, to apply for membership and to view the verified Top Agent Network member directory, visit

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