‘Million Dollar Listing San Francisco’ Spotlights Alamo, Inspires Real Domain …

Missed the first episode of Bravo’s new series ‘Million Dollar Listing San Francisco?’

Here’s what you need to know: Andrew Greenwell, a Pleasanton realtor who is one of the show’s stars alongside real estate agents Justin Fichelson and Roh Habibi, dubs affluent Tri-Valley town Alamo the “Hollywood Hills” of the Bay Area while showcasing a beautiful and modern property with commanding Diablo Valley views.

Greenwell has also incited a real life domain name war against his co-stars. In one scene during the premiere, he meets Habibi for the first time and Fichelson for the second at a party he’s thrown, quickly informing them that he has purchased both RohHabibi.com and JustinFichelson.com.

Both domain names redirect to a tongue-in-cheek error message on AndrewGreenwell.com: “It appears the link to this site isn’t working… but Andrew Greenwell is! Click on [a picture of] Andrew to be redirected to his site.”

In any case, it appears the conflict is starting early on this new television series, both on and off screen. Mild spoiler: An upcoming episode is called “Fights in Bernal Heights.” Stay tuned. 


Article source: http://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Million-Dollar-Listing-San-Francisco-Alamo-Domain-Name-Wars-312939041.html

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