On screen: Bravo’s ‘Million Dollar Listing San Francisco’ focuses on Bay Area …

Justin Fichelson, one of the three cutthroat brokers featured in “Million Dollar Listing San Francisco” (10 p.m. Wednesday, Bravo), warns viewers to expect plenty of drama in the new reality series.

“The market is super-competitive these days, and when things get competitive, people sometimes overstep their boundaries,” he says. “The tensions run high, and things occasionally get ugly.”

“Million Dollar Listing San Francisco” is the fourth installment in Bravo’s franchise about pricey properties and the ultra-ambitious real estate hotshots who peddle them. The San Francisco version focuses on a real estate “gold rush” in the Bay Area, fueled largely by “super-picky” high-tech clients.

Fichelson, the only San Francisco native on the show, shares screen time with 13-year real estate veteran

Andrew Greenwell and relative newcomer

Roh Habibi. They don’t exactly play nice with one another.

The eccentric Fichelson, 29, boasts that he knows the market better than his rivals and is aided by his access to the “largest social circle.” He has been driven by an entrepreneurial spirit since the age of 11, when he started his own business by passing out fliers for local shops.

As for the real estate industry, he had his eyes on opulent properties for as long as he remembers.

“When I was a kid, I used get real estate magazines and fantasize about which houses would be great to buy,” says Fichelson, who hopes to do $50 million in business this year. “In the eighth grade, I actually called on a house priced at $9.9 million, just so I could learn more about it.”

Of course, Fichelson realizes that the show may arouse some “haters” who view him and his clients as villains for the role they’re playing in driving up Bay Area home prices and the gentrification of some San Francisco neighborhoods.

“Any time you do something like this, that’s the risk you take,” he says. “That’s OK. It doesn’t bother me. I don’t plan to read what they say.”

His run for the roses is over: San Jose resident

Ben Zorn had his heart broken on this week’s episode of “The Bachelorette,” when Kaitlyn Bristowe eliminated the hunky personal trainer from contention during a rose ceremony in Ireland.

“I did not see that coming. I was totally blindsided,” Zorn said in his exit interview. “I really thought we had something. … It really, really sucks.”

Still, we’re not quite done with Zorn. We expect that he will have plenty to say on the upcoming “Men Tell All” special.

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