Selling Seattle: The neighborhood drawing most interest from Bay Area buyers …

When it comes to residential real estate, West Seattle is booming, especially for people leaving the San Francisco Bay Area. What might surprise you further is that millennials are becoming a bigger group of home-seekers in the area.

As we’ve reported before, people are moving here from California because of how suffocatingly expensive the homes there have become.

The median price for a home in Silicon Valley is more than $1 million, according to data from Seattle online real estate brokerage company Redfin. That’s nearly double the median price of Seattle homes listed on Redfin, which is $565,000.

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But not all of those people are moving to rapidly developing Capitol Hill or family-friendly Queen Anne.

The Seattle Times recently reported that 13 percent of recent Redfin search activity from Bay Area residents looking to move here was for homes in West Seattle, making it the No. 1 neighborhood in the city.

Sandy Brown, a real estate agent at Windermere who focuses on West Seattle, said a lot of the interest is in neighborhoods in the northern and western parts of West Seattle, such as the California Junction, Morgan Junction and the Admiral District.

These neighborhoods provide access to Alki Beach, hip bars and restaurants, the C line bus (which goes straight to downtown) and ferries to nearby islands.

“It’s been a lot of people from the Bay Area and I think it’s the tech thing,” Brown said. “They’re realizing it’s easier and less competition to draw people into the Northwest.”

And, of course, prices can be a little more affordable there than other hot areas. That also means Brown has been seeing more millennials, younger clients that other real estate agents also say are surfacing in the home market.

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