Pocketlist.co is organizing pocket listing market for SF Bay Area agents

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The pitch

I think there’s a movement afoot.

A movement driven by the flow of available real estate information, one that may eventually see the flow of portal listings slowly ebb, like the hundreds of thousands of gallons of public water that evaporate annually from Nevada’s infamous Lake Mead.

The evidence is already there, like the stark, 100-foot-high band of mineral-stained red rock that marks where the lake’s waters once flowed. Buyers and sellers are outrunning agents to your data. They have more power than ever before.

Smartly, some agents have already started sto…

Article source: http://www.inman.com/2015/06/09/pocketlist-co-is-organizing-the-pocket-listing-market-for-bay-area-agents/

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