Ice cream sandwich favorite CREAM continues sweet Bay Area and U.S. …

Ice cream sandwich cult favorite CREAM is continuing its expansion in the Bay Area and beyond.

First up is the launch of its Oakland store, which is set to open on June 6 in Rockridge. That spot, which the company first announced in September, will open in 920 square feet in the newly developed Safeway complex at Claremont and College Avenue, alongside a Philz Coffee and several other retail offerings.

CREAM, which is an acronym for “Cookies Rule Everything Around Me,” is also preparing a spot in San Francisco’s Stonestown mall, where it has leased a courtyard kiosk in the form of a rotunda with a 360-degree view. That spot will open in about eight weeks, providing San Francisco’s second location for the Millbrae-based ice cream sandwich chain.

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The company opened a store in Cupertino last week and has signed a lease in Pleasanton’s Stone Valley Mall, with plans for a store in Fairfield, along with several southern California locations. Stores in Aliso Viejo and Orange County opened last week and a store in San Diego will open next week — all part of the plan to open 25 to 30 locations by the end of the year.

Roughly 10 percent of the stores are company-owned, while the others are from franchise operators, including both San Francisco stores. The company plans to maintain that ratio as it grows, said COO Jim Ryan.

The company recently executed a development deal in Florida, where one operator bought the rights to open 33 locations all over the state, Ryan said. It will be the third state CREAM has launched in, after California and Nevada.

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