If Data Miners Were Buzzfeed; Bay Area Rents Are Officially Crushing New …

SAN FRANCISCO—In honor of Cocktail Week at our sister site Eater SF, we mapped the long-lost saloons and speakeasies where our forebears got totally blotto.

BAY AREA—On this map of New York according to San Franciscans, Columbus Circle is “circular Union Square” and the Upper West Side is Noe Valley. But wait, can that be right?

SOUTH BEACH—Just in case someone surprises you with a last-minute World Series ticket, here are 10 essential tips for winning ATT Park before the game even starts.

SAN FRANCISCO—The next developer of a condo building in this town would do well to name it Christina Aguilera.

Article source: http://sf.racked.com/archives/2014/10/23/if-data-miners-were-buzzfeed-bay-area-rents-are-officially-crushing-new-yorks-mapping-the-longlost-s.php

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