Movies opening Friday in S.F. Bay Area

The Heat The cop-buddy flick goes full chick mode in this tale of a mismatched FBI agent (Sandra Bullock) and a Boston police detective (Melissa McCarthy). The fed doesn’t do team playing well, and the testy, street-smart detective scares the heck out of perps – and colleagues. Let the zaniness begin. Rated R.

Hey Bartender The elixir of bar life comes not from the heady crowd but the vibrant blending of artistry, assessment and engagement. Shrewd bartenders take their cues from customers, funnel their own passion into the mix and gauge the result. Observe as masters of the craft turn their lives upside down in this new age of cocktail creativity. Not rated.

Laurence Anyways Every relationship demands give-and-take, but when Laurence confesses he wants to be a she, girlfriend Fred vows to stay put. Over a 10-year evolution, they try to defy the doubts of family, friends and the culture – and that’s not counting the physical violence. In French and English with subtitles. Not rated.

The Secret Disco Revolution Envision the free-flowing days of 1970s disco as clubs pulse with sex, drugs, polyester and glitter balls. This documentary tosses out a freaky concept: It was not just a good time, it was a revolution: Mainstream clubs’ dance floors – and stages – all aswirl with gay people, minorities and women shaking off their inhibitions in public. Just call it the ultimate crossover. Not rated.

20 Feet From Stardom Their voices ring out so familiar, but you cannot match a face to the vocals. Say hello to the music world’s backup singers – gifted artists who holler and whisper, dance and bust their chops in the shadows. Until now. Rated PG-13.

Unfinished Song Cranky Arthur (Terence Stamp) sees no reason to sing about sex – or anything else – even if it makes the wife happy. The magic of song tries to cast a spell on the guy, as does an unconventional choir. Maybe the sweet music director can coax the crustiness out of Arthur. Rated PG-13.

White House Down A Capitol cop (Channing Tatum) fibs to his daughter about a Secret Service job and next thing you know, assailants attack the White House. The cop, touring the president’s (Jamie Foxx) home with his kid, flexes his muscles and smarts, and whisks the nation’s leader out of there – but his daughter and the staff remain hostages. Expect a crash-bang, burn-it-up counterassault. Rated PG-13.

- Deborah G. Guadan,

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