Ramshackle ‘historic’ Bay Area home on the market for $300,000

With a crumbling brick facade, tattered walls and ceilings, and remnants of a past life on display — see the posters and a calendar hung up on one bedroom wall — the four-bedroom, two-bathroom home is in total disrepair. The boarded-up windows and the crumbling brick facade, held up by tilting columns, will require a considerable amount of labor to fix its curb appeal.

But the upside for a renovator, the listing promises, is large — a 2,000-square-foot property with a brick chimney and major historic significance for a third of the price as comparable homes in the area.

 Ramshackle ‘historic’ Bay Area home on the market for $300,000

The house is in downtown Benicia, Calif.

Courtesy of Keller-Williams Bay Area

The vernacular-style home was built sometime in the 1870s, according to a survey conducted by the state of California in 2004, and “dates to the early development of the town.” 

“It is associated with the beginning of residential development just off the main commercial streets,” the survey says. “It is a good example of its style and retains a number of original elements including the windows, doors and porch configuration.”

This may all still sound a bit pricey, despite its provenance. But anything goes in the Bay Area housing market, where a decrepit home in San Francisco — branded as the “worst house on the best block” — was bought for $2 million.

Article source: https://www.sfgate.com/realestate/article/Ramshackle-Benicia-home-for-sale-17009494.php

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