Amazon snags more Bay Area real estate, this time in Oakland

The warehouse is a 336,680-square-foot structure, an Amazon spokesperson told SFGATE on Tuesday. The spokesperson also confirmed that the space will enable the shopping titan to strengthen the presence of Amazon Logistics, its delivery service, in the Bay Area. Its proximity to public transit and freeways is also desirable, the spokesperson added.

The warehouse is slated to launch by the end of November, the spokesperson added, but did not confirm hiring numbers.

The news of this lease comes as Amazon is set to formally propose construction of a warehouse in San Francisco’s Potrero Hill neighborhood where a Recology site once stood. That structure promises as many as 500 new jobs — but has drawn concern over clogging up the city’s already tight streets with more traffic, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. (SFGATE and the Chronicle are both owned by Hearst but operate independently of one another.)

Amazon’s Bay Area expansion has grown more rapid in recent months, with the e-commerce behemoth buying parcels of land — one in Pleasanton bordering a lake and the other in Milpitas, near the Great Mall. In recent years, Amazon has purchased or leased nearly 3 million square feet of Bay Area property, as documented by the Registry.

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