‘Yes’ or ‘No’ vote: Complete list of results for S.F. propositions and Bay Area races

California election results continue to trickle in, as San Francisco and the rest of the Bay Area digest Joe Biden’s victory over President Trump in the presidential race. Beyond the presidential contest, many California propositions and local races still are being closely watched. And many remain too close to call, as vote counting continues across the state and Bay Area.

Among the outcomes: Progressive candidate Connie Chan won the San Francisco District One supervisor race, beating out Marjan Philhour by 123 votes in the city’s closest supervisor race this year. Carroll Fife, the mastermind behind Moms 4 Housing, has unseated two-term City Council incumbent Lynette Gibson McElhaney in a stunning victory.

Here’s a short list of final results on the key races that San Francisco and Bay Area voters are deciding. We’ll be updating this list around the clock as our politics team makes calls.

Note: The Chronicle calls races based on several factors, including the current margin, the estimated number of ballots left to be counted and, in some cases, where those ballots come from. California is accepting mailed ballots through Nov. 20, so for some close contests, final results could take some time to be called following election day.

California Propositions

Prop. 14 Re-fund the state’s stem cell agency: YES

Prop. 15Revise Prop. 13, raise commercial property taxes: NO

Prop. 16 Lift ban on affirmative action in admissions and government hiring: NO

Prop. 17Restore parolees’ voting rights: YES

Prop. 18Give vote to 17-year-olds in some elections: NO

Prop. 19 Let older homeowners keep Prop .13 assessments: Results not called.

Prop. 20Expand list of crimes with no early release: NO

Prop. 21Loosen state restrictions on rent control: NO

Prop. 22Exempt some drivers from gig-worker law: YES

Prop. 23Regulate kidney-dialysis clinics: NO

Prop. 24Expand state privacy law: YES

Prop. 25Uphold state law banning cash bail: NO

California Senate

State Senate District 11Scott Wiener is a winner over Jackie Fielder.

State Senate District 15Dave Cortese is the winner over Ann Ravel.

San Francisco Propositions (Read more here)

Prop. A$487 million bond for parks, homelessness and mental health: YES

Prop. BSplit off Public Works’ street cleaning, sidewalk maintenance and sanitation duties into a new agency: YES

 ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ vote: Complete list of results for S.F. propositions and Bay Area races

Prop. CAllow noncitizens to serve on boards that advise City Hall: YES

Prop. DCreate greater oversight at the Sheriff’s Department: YES

Prop. EDo away with fixed police staffing requirement: YES

Prop. F Business tax overhaul: YES

Prop. GAllow 16- and 17-year-olds to vote in local elections: NO

Prop. HChanges to permitting process for businesses: YES

Prop. IIncrease taxes on property sales valued at $10 million or more: YES

Prop. JParcel tax to generate $48 million a year for public school teachers: YES

Prop. KAuthorize 10,000 units of affordable housing: YES

Prop. LTax based on top executives’ pay vs. employees’ pay: YES

San Francisco Board of Supervisors (Read more here)

S.F. Board of Supervisors, District One: Connie Chan won the District One supervisor race, beating out Marjan Philhour.

S.F. Board of Supervisors, District Three: Aaron Peskin declared victory. His closest challenger, Danny Sauter, has conceded.

S.F. Board of Supervisors, District Five: Dean Preston won after Vallie Brown conceded.

S.F. Board of Supervisors, District Seven: Myrna Melgar declared victory Wednesday. She said her competitor, Joel Engardio, called her to concede Wednesday morning.

S.F. Board of Supervisors, District Nine: Hillary Ronen had no opposition.

S.F. Board of Supervisors, District 11: Ahsha Safaí is the winner. John Avalos has conceded.

Editor’s note: a previous version of this story prematurely called several of the supervisors’ races.

S.F. Board of Education (Read more here)

Jenny Lam, Mark Sanchez, Kevine Boggess and Matt Alexander have won spots on the SFUSD board.

CCSF Board of Trustees

Incumbents Shanell Williams and Tom Temprano won seats. The two other open seats went to Aliya Chisti and Alan Wong.

Oakland City Council (Read more here)

Oakland City Council, District One: Incumbent Dan Kalb has won after Steph Dominguez Walton conceded.

Oakland City Council, District Three: Carroll Fife unseated two-term City Council incumbent Lynette Gibson McElhaney.

Oakland City Council, District Five: Noel Gallo has won the seat.

Oakland City Council, District Seven: Treva Reid won her father’s seat.

At-large council seat: Rebecca Kaplan declared victory after receiving a call from challenger Derreck Johnson conceding the race.

Bay Area Propositions

Measure RRA three-county sales tax measure to fund Caltrain: YES

City of Alameda Measure Z Repeal prohibition against building multifamily housing: NO

Berkeley Measure GGTax on Uber and Lyft rides: Results not called.

Berkeley Measure HHClimate action equity fund: Results not called.

Berkeley Measure II Replace Berkeley’s Police Commission with a Police Board, create director of police accountability: YES

Oakland Measure S1Give civilian-run police watchdog groups more authority: YES

Read our live updating coverage on the election here, and see a full list of national, state and local election results updating in real-time here.

Article source: https://www.sfchronicle.com/local-politics/article/Yes-or-No-vote-Complete-list-of-15700023.php

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